Master of Oral Implantology

The Institute offers access to world-renowned faculty, a great place to study and live, and an abundance of opportunities. If you are seeking to take the next step in your dental education, you have come to the right place.

California Implant Institute is a global institute with a large number of international students. During the last 15 years, more than 2000 oral health professionals from 20+ countries have attended our programs.

California Implant Institute is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students (We Issue I-20 to eligible applicants)

The master program includes:
  • All four modules; including four live patient externships
  • Personalized, academic learning with a low number of students per class
  • Patients for surgical modules are from the US and all provided by CII
  • Access to over 50 online surgical videos and lectures
  • Certificate and 1,000 CE units

Module 1: Didactic Module

300 CE Units

Module 1 consists of CII’s signature ‘Fellowship Program’, where doctors gain fundamental knowledge and skills through in-class lecture, hands-on laboratory sessions, online webinars & LIVE surgical demos.


During the first session of this comprehensive hands-on implant training program the following topics are covered: Anatomy, bone physiology, patient evaluation for implant treatment, risk factors, vertical & horizontal spaces of occlusion, bone density, step-by-step implant surgical placement protocols including immediate and osteotome techniques, impression techniques, restorative steps for implant crown and bridge and more. Hands-on workshops are performed by the class and live surgery demonstrations by faculty. Speaker: Dr. Louie Al-Faraje

During session II, computer guided implant placement and restoration using SimPlant® Software, immediate load techniques for single and full arch cases, Sinus augmentation through the osteotomy site, biology of osseointegration, and mini implants will be discussed. Implant prosthodontics for the fully edentulous patients using locator over-denture, high-water design, Bar over-denture and CAD/CAM design will highlight the prosthetic portion of this session. Hands-on workshops are performed by the class and live surgery demonstrations by faculty. Speakers: Dr. Louie Al-Faraje & Dr. Frieda Brookshire

During the third session the following topics are covered: Alveolar ridge expansion using split cortical technique, guided bone regeneration and bone grafting before, during and after implant placement. Hands-on pig jaw suturing and bone grafting workshops using regenerative materials are performed by the class and live surgery demonstrations by faculty. The restorative portion of this session will focus on biomechanical principles, biomaterials and implant occlusion. This session will include full day lecture on pharmacology in oral implantology. Speakers: Dr. Louie Al-Faraje, Dr. Philip Kroll & Mr. Renzo Casellini

Module 2: Surgical LIVE Patient Training

176 CE Units

Module 2 consists of the Surgical Live Patient Training programs held at the CII Baja Institute in Rosarito, Mexico. All doctors and patients are shuttled from San Diego to the CII Baja Institute. Doctors take a total of three 6-day Live Patient Externships and one 4-day Live Patient Externship. All externships include 2-3 hours of treatment planning each morning. Course material and surgical DVDs are provided before each program to enhance the learning experience.


A highly comprehensive program that covers a wide range of case selections. Doctors will gain hands-on experience by placing up to 24 implants per program. Each doctor will surgically place 8-12 implants and assist in placing 8-12 implants. Some of the procedures doctors will develop and strengthen during the program are: suturing and flapping techniques, edentulous and immediate extraction socket placement, and alveoloplasty and simultaneous bone grafting with implant placement.

For doctors with extensive experience placing implants and interested in learning how to perform advanced procedures. Doctors will gain direct experience performing 8-10 advanced implant/ bone-grafting procedures. Each doctor will be assigned 4-5 surgeries and assist in 4-5 surgeries. Surgeries are selected from the following procedures: sinus elevation through the lateral window, sinus elevation through the osteotomy site, maxillary alveolar ridge expansion using a split-cortical technique, mandibular alveolar ridge expansion using Pedicled Sandwich Plasty (PSP), and block bone grafting.

This program covers all aspects from treatment planning to surgical, prosthetic and laboratory phases of the Full-Arch Immediate Loading procedures; for edentulous patients and those with terminal dentition. Each doctor will be assigned two All-on-4®/ Full-Arch Immediate Loading cases and assist in two cases. Doctors will learn the following: evidence-based protocols for proper treatment planning of Full-Arch Immediate Loading cases, including treatment planning for All-on-4® cases, how to properly place the implants in the All-on-4® configuration, how to perform the occlusal registration, prosthesis design, biomechanics for the All-on-4® protocol, All-on-4® occlusion, how to fabricate provisional and definitive prosthetic options, and how to solve potential All-on-4® complications and more.

Trefoil™ is a revolutionary fixed solution for an underserved population. This concept offers the possibility for patients to receive a fixed solution at a price point, which they are more likely to be able to afford, compared to traditional treatment options. The concept will provide a larger quality of life improvement compared to treatment with an implant supported removable denture, which many of these patients might have been offered historically. “Time-to-final-teeth” will also be reduced as fewer visits are required and the final bridge is delivered on the day of surgery. This course will present a surgical and prosthetic overview of the Trefoil™ concept with a detailed interactive hands-on workshop and Live patients surgical hand-on training. Each participant will perform one Trefoil surgery and will assist with multiple surgeries.”

Module 3: Advanced Implant Prosthodontics & Occlusion Module

40 CE Units

This 5-day program is offered once a year. Participates are directly exposed to complex cases, treatment planning for those cases, occlusion design, as well as proper hygiene protocols for implant patients. Other topics include proper documentation of the implant cases, proper informed patient consent process and how to properly take necessary extra-oral and inter-oral photographs for precise implant treatment planning, digital smile design for aesthetic and complex cases and dental laboratory training for immediate implant provisionalization.

Lecture topics include: Selection of the right ceramics in every day practice, treatment planning for full mouth implant patients, final restoration design in full mouth cases and aesthetic treatment planning for tooth and implant borne cases. Learn how to write a treatment letter for complex and full mouth cases to receive high level of cases acceptance. Take home a workable template created from an extensive compilation of years of research.

The final two days of the program cover the essentials of Occlusion for oral implantology.

Lecture topics include: Introduction to the concept of Complete Dentistry and the physiology of occlusion, introduction to centric relation position and measurement with demos, discussion of methods of CR measurements (cold spray stretch in standard chairs, bimanual manipulation, use of custom anterior deprogramming devices), review, introduction to TMJ / TMD diagnostic classifications, discussion on record taking (full face retracted photos, precision impressions, pouring casts, esthetic face bow vs. functional face bow), introduction to subtractive equilibration, introduction to occlusion analysis and full-mouth equilibration, occlusion for oral implantology, anterior guidance for natural teeth and dental implants.

Advanced occlusion principles for implant reconstructions

Restoration of the edentulous mandible and removable restoration of the edentulous maxilla

Photography training

Digital smile design and photographic planning and communication

Ceramic selection and abutment designs

Shade taking and shade matching digital communication and techniques

Restoration of the edentulous maxilla and full mouth implant reconstructions to include All-on-4®.

Introduction to the concept of complete dentistry and the physiology of occlusion

Introduction to centric relation position and measurement with demos

Discussion of methods of CR measurements: cold spray stretch in standard chairs, bimanual manipulation, use of custom anterior deprogramming devices

Review, introduction to TMJ / TMD diagnostic classifications, discussion on record taking: photos (full face retracted), precision impressions, pouring casts, esthetic face bow vs. Functional face bow

Introduction to subtractive equilibration

Introduction to occlusion analysis and full-mouth equilibration

Occlusion for oral implantology

Anterior guidance for natural teeth and dental implants

Module 4: Academic Module

484 CE Units

Prosthodontics Training with Dr. Mamaly Reshad & Occlusion Workshop with Dr. Philip Kroll

Doctors are encouraged to visit the CII Resource Center throughout their program and take advantage of what it offers in order to complete the following academic assignments:

  • Watch 50 Surgical Videos on CII’s private YouTube Channel
  • Complete the research/literature review assignment
  • Provide documentation for five (5) clinical cases:
  • Two (2) single implant fixed cases
  • Two (2) multi-unit implant cases
  • Bar-overdenture and locator-overdenture will count in this category
  • One (1) full arch fixed implant case

  • The five (5) clinical cases must include the following:

    • Before and after CT scans
    • Before, during & after PAs
    • Before, during & after clinical photos
    • Health history
    • Mounted diagnostic casts
    • Mounted diagnostic wax-up
    • Clinical notes
    Written Exam With the completion of all courses and assignments required per module, Doctors will need to successfully pass a written exam, with a score of 90% or greater. The written exam consists of 200 questions randomly selected from the Oral Implantology Board Review textbook authored by Dr. Louie Al-Faraje.

    Student Lounge and Resource Center at CII

    Participants enjoy the exclusive privilege of accessing the California Implant Institute library for performing their academic assignments. The resource center is equipped with the latest books, implant periodical magazines and an extensive library of 200+ videos. Academic assignments and research projects will be individually assigned to each participant and must be completed prior to graduation.

    Tuition: $64.995

    Tuition of $64,995 may be paid upfront and in full for all courses required to complete the Master Program. If you choose not to pay upfront and in full, the individual course tuition of each required course is due 30 days prior to attending that specific course. Although courses will individually exceed an amount of $64,995, Master attendees never exceed the Master tuition. Once $64,995 is paid in full, final courses will not incur additional charges.

    To register please call the institute at :(858)496-0574 or email us at:


    Keep track of your courses you take with the progress log.

    The California Implant Institute offers a variety of advanced education courses, on multiple dates, from which doctors are able to fulfill the requirements needed to complete the Master of Oral Implantology Program. The 2019 dates sheet lists all of the course dates for the upcoming year. Please note that availability of courses may vary in size and location and are subject to change.

    California Implant Institute reserves the right to change the lecture topics, the lecture sequence, the required modules and also add or cancel speakers as it sees fit for the benefit of the participants and the quality of the program at any time and without notice.