LightScalpel is dedicated to providing doctors, dentists and surgeons with the best and most cost-effective soft-tissue CO2 surgical and medical/dental laser solutions. LightScalpel soft tissue lasers are used in numerous medical, dental and surgical procedures, such as frenectomy, vestibuloplasty, biopsies, gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, soft-tissue crown lengthening, fibroma removal, sulcular debridement, aphthous and herpetic lesions treatment, etc.

LightScalpel is an FDA-registered, American-based designer and manufacturer of the state-of-the-art, high-precision, top-quality, durable and highly ergonomic COlasers and accessories for a variety of soft tissue laser surgery and medical/dental laser applications.

LightScalpel’s laser engineers have hundreds of years of combined technical experience in both the industrial and medical CO2 laser marketplace, including positions at Laakmann Electro-Optics, Xanar, Coherent Medical, Synrad Inc., Luxar Corporation, ESC Medical Systems, Lumenis Inc., LuxarCare LLC and Aesculight LLC.

LightScalpel soft tissue laser products are distributed by its sister company LuxarCare LLC – an exclusive manufacturer’s (Lumenis Inc) certified service and accessories provider for Luxar lasers – world’s most successful surgical CO2 laser system for small office applications.

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