Rex Miller, DMD, DDS

Jacksonville, OR

"This is an extremely well taught course that has given me the skills to proceed with implant placement on any patients who are interested. Dr Al-Faraje has been extremely receptive to all my questions following the course and I receive a reply within 24 hours. I have taken all of Dr. Al-Faraje's courses including the "Complications" course and I feel very prepared to handle complications, but honestly there have been very few due to the thoroughness of the courses. Implants are FUN and a great way to detract from the monotony of every day dentistry. Honestly, extracting a molar is far more difficult and more traumatic than placing implants thanks to the teachings of Dr. Al-Faraje. Go take these courses if you are considering it at all. You will NOT be disappointed! You will LOVE placing implants!"

Robert Matiasevich Jr, DDS

Santa Cruz, CA

"I have been placing implants for over 7 years and found the course to be invaluable. You provided information that could be implemented after each session. The course is well structured for both the novice and the more experienced. I believe this course to be a must for anyone interested in or continuing their education in implant dentistry. You will be hard pressed to find a more well prepared and organized teacher. The live surgeries and hands on portion of the course pays for itself.

Matthew R. Wimmer, DMD

 Centennial, CO

"The twenty days I have spent in San Diego with your institute has been absolutely great! You managed to keep things fun and interesting at all times. You have a gift as a teacher and I wanted to thank you for your hard work. I will highly recommend your program to anyone who asks about it without hesitation. ."

Dr John and Dr Kim-Czochanski

Orange, CA

"Dear Dr Faraje: we appreciate your dedication to implant dentistry and teaching us everything you have organized so completely."

Michael R. Clark, DDS

Periodontist, San Diego, CA

"Over the years, I’ve had the good fortune to attend implant-related CE courses given by some of the most gifted implant experts of our time. In that group of world-class mentors, I include Dr. Louie Al Faraje, who demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge of the didactic elements, yet focuses on the practical aspects of implantology, giving us information we need to help in making daily clinical decisions. He provides a top-quality venue, excellent organization of materials, and a refreshing humility, which encourages attendees to ask questions, and gives them the confidence to extend the range of services they offer to their patients."

Asmath Noor, DDS

Norwalk, California

"Before attending the mini residency at the California Implant Institute I though I will never be able to place implants, but after taking the surgical programs with Dr. Al-Faraje I placed over 100 implants in the period of one year. I would highly recommend the program to all my colleagues."

Robert L Bosworth, DDS, MS

Prosthodontist, La Jolla, California


"I strongly recommend Dr Faraje's fellowship in oral implantology. He offers an excellent, comprehensive, detailed, up to date implant course. I appreciated the concise, well organized lecture material full of practical, clinical and useful tips. The fellowship gave me the confidence to begin placing implants in my own practice"

Anastasios (Tassos) Irinakis, DDS

FRCD(C) Director of Graduate Periodontics & Implant Surgery, UBC Clinical Associate Professor, UBC Canada

"I took Dr. Al-Faraje's cadaver grafting course recently. It was great to listen to a mentor with such a fresh perspective in teaching and addressing the audience. He openly shared his successes and his complications, which is the only way to truly learn from an instructor. He shared willingly tips and techniques to simplify the procedure of bone grafting and I felt truly rewarded for attending his course. This course has lots to offer to both experienced and novice surgeons."

Amit Batheja BDS, DDS

Endodontist, Los Angeles, CA

"Dr Faraje offers highly sophisticated courses in Implant dentistry . He distills his experience and delivers the course material to the point, and sharing all aspects of care and patient management. The information is thorough, and perspective offered have the potential of being an asset to a clinician of any level of experience. I enjoyed spending my time learning from him!."

Linda Boehm, DDS

DMD, Oneida, NY

"I think it is the excellent organization and sequential presentation of Dr. Louie Al-Faraje's implant training courses that enabled me to safely start and build my implant practice. I feel that had I not gone to Dr. Louie Al-Faraje's sequence of dental implant training first, that I still would not have placed my first implant."

Mike Golpa, DDS

GP, Las Vegas, Nevada

"Dr Faraje taught me implant dentistry five years ago when I didn't know anything about implants and motivated me to do my first implant and now I have probably done over 1000 implants. He is the best and the most knowledgable instructor and the greatest motivational speaker I have ever met in my life. Every time I talk to him or sit in one of his programs I get extremely motivated. What a wonderful learning experience. "

Dennis Wade Calvert, DDS

Periodontist, San Jose, California

"Dr. Al-Faraje's series of courses on Implants and Advanced Bone Grafting are phenomenal. Dr. Al-Faraje has an outstanding clinical and didactic knowledge of his course content. He is extremely precise and has fantastic written guidelines and steps for his course attendees. Dr. Al-Faraje's venue, power point presentations and DVD's are excellent. He sets a tone and desire for continual learning for his participants.

Tomas Vera V., DDS

Cirujano Dentista, Santiago - Chile

"The fellowship program has positively changed and improved my approach to implant dentistry and now I feel confident enough to place my own implants and to take the next step and start sinus grafting when needed. Excellent up to date PowerPoint presentations, live surgery videos and class materials (hands on models, binders, extra papers, etc). Lectures are always an interactive experience, in a relaxed, fun, yet professional style. You will learn the DO's, DONT'S and everything you wanted to know from Dr. Faraje's vast experience."

Pierre Bayssari, DDS

Sydney, Australia

"I want to sincerely thank you not only for an awesome and well structured course but for your endless hospitality. I have been raving about the course to all my colleagues here in Australian. Dr Faraje, I take my hat off for you as your humble nature, your depth of knowledge and expertise in implant dentistry, have touched me and made me proud of having the opportunity to meet a gentleman of your caliber. You passed on your knowledge and experience to us with no hesitation and with such enthusiasm and humor. Again, from the depth of my heart, I thank you and salute you".

Larry J. Meyer

DDS, Yreka, California

"I attended the Advanced Bone and Soft tissue Surgical Program in November of 2011. I found the facility to be excellent. Dr. Al-Faraje is an excellent speaker and very well informed. He is a perfectionist and a very experienced surgeon. In spite of his credentials Dr. Al-Faraje is a complete gentleman and has a great sense of humor. The course is fun as well as informative. The lectures alone would be enough to be worth the program....but when you add the Cadaver aspect it is over the top! After actually doing the procedures on a real human being it is very easy to return to your practice and perform the procedures on live patients. It raises your confidence level dramatically. I highly endorse California Implant institute and I recommend it to anyone seriously interested in implant surgery."

Benjamin Hsu, DMD, FICOI

Fort Washington, PA

"Prior to attending the Fellowship program at the California Implant Institute, I had placed only 5 implants over 1 year. However, The first working day back I placed 4 implants on two patients with three internal sinus lifts. That was nearly 4 months ago. No /divtext-align: justify;/articlemeta height= border=left138topcomplications. Step-by-step guidelines, Postoperative meds protocols, Consents, Etc provided by Dr Faraje made the process seamless. Over the 4 months after the Fellowship I placed at least 15 more implants. Dr Faraje encourages continuing education. With his help I recently obtained a fellowship in the ICOI. In a slow economy this implant fellowship program transformed the practice and kept our bottom line up. "

Dr. Wayne Young

GP, Calgary, AB, CANADA

"The surgical externship course was an incredible learning experience for me. There is no better way, in my opinion, to learn the necessary skills required for implant placement than to actually participate in a well supervised program like this. There is so much to learn and gain knowledge in while doing the surgery and while assisting and observing over the four days where hundreds of implants being placed. Dr Al-Faraje is a wealth of information. I look forward to LEVEL 2 and want to thank all members of the support staff for their incredible service and hospitality "

Sharen C Strong, DMD

GP, Bandon Oregon

"Dr. Al-Faraje's externship course in Mexico presented me with new and useful information, tools that I can integrate into my practice. I came in expecting a certain minimum number of patients, and Dr. Al-Faraje delivered to my expectations. I was impressed that Dr. Al-Faraje did not intervene during procedures, but allowed me to problem solve on my own, knowing he was there to back me up. Because of the intensive nature of the program, I have increased my confidence, both in implant placement and in presenting implant treatment cases to patients. I am glad that he has made himself readily available for consultation after the course. I would recommend the course to anyone who is looking for good applied hands-on experience. In addition, the venue is beautiful! "

John Cucuras, DDS

GP, Delray Beach, FLorida

"The live patient implant placement course helped me implement the didactic knowledge to a real live scenarios. This was what I needed to help me along my learning curve to place implants. Thank you for the intense learning experience."

Malekshah Oskoui, DMD, MScD

Los Angeles, CA

"I would like to simply say: "Well thought, well organized, well managed, well presented, well taught, and finally well done Louie" for your superb performance. The whole curriculum using high-tech equipments and materials including: given binders and handouts, related articles, live surgeries, hands-on section of the course, and visual supplements were flawless. You went above and beyond to make sure that everyone learns and take home something and start applying it, by encouraging them continuously."

H. J. Ludington, DDS

Portsmouth, NH

"I strongly recommend Dr Al-Faraje's fellowship in oral implantology. I have taken several implant courses in the past and found that Dr Al-Faraje's course to be the best of all the other courses I have attended. The fellowship program is practical and energizing at the same time. I highly recommend this course."

Peter Zahedi, DDS

San Rafael, CA

"Our fellowship program has opened a new chapter in my dental career. Your great personality, encouragements, professional staff, handouts, binders, articles, hands-on sessions, outstanding lectures and live surgery presentations have given me a life long confidence to diagnose, and treat patients for implants. I proudly apply your knowledge, and techniques at my dental practice. I highly recommend all dentists and dental implant specialists who like to pursue implantology to start with your fellowship program at your institute. Thank you for your outstanding performance."

Michael Shashaty, DDS

Los Angeles, CA

"The fellowship program is very comprehensive. It will get you the clinical confidence to know how to plan and what to expect when doing the surgery. Life surgeries were excellent and the review of the related anatomy and pharmacology was invaluable. It was money and time well spent!"

Cameron Torabi, DDS

West Los Angeles, CA

"I completed the fellowship program in 2010 and was extremely happy with it. The course was concise and practical. The director- Dr Al-faraje is a sea of knowledge and a very good instructor. I still hit him up with emails all the time when I have questions. I highly recomend the course." 

Victor P. Terranova DMD, MS, PHD

Shelton, CT

"The bone grafting course should really be titled 'Everything that you always wanted to know about bone grafting'. Absolutely fantastic course content from basic anatomy to real hands on; take home;how to do it in your practice material. Lots of case presentations including the ones that did not work. Lots of informal interaction with the students that resulted in a fast and comprehensive learning curve. Without any reservation I can recommend this course to ANY dentist that either would like to begin in office bone grafting procedures or would like to learn some new techniques to augment their already successful surgical practice. "

Frieda V. Brookshire, DDS

Tustin, California

"Dr. Faraje's phenomenal organization, very detailed and precise yet systematic guidelines gives any student the best dental implant education their money can buy. His no frills, "learn from my mistake" approach really opens your eyes to what can actually happen if you just take your usual weekend c.e. course and then begin placing implants. His extensive knowledge combined with a great sense of humor can humble any so called implant expert. You just feel very comfortable to ask even the very simplest question in his informal student-mentor interaction. Truly, a great educator who is passionate about his craft. I have already sent him numerous referrals. Thank you for having the opportunity to be under your mentorship. ." 

Mark Kretz, DDS

San Diego, CA

"Dr Faraje has a great approach. He does not try to impress like some other instructors. His mission is great and he has a great manner about him. "

John Offerdahl, DDS

Littleton, CO

"Best organized implant course I've attended in 20 years of implant training Dr.Al-Faraje is a great educator." 

Randy L. Wolff, DDS

San Diego, CA

"Dr. Faraje has great sense of humor, relaxed and down to earth. "

Cameron Torabi, DDS

West Los Angeles, CA

"I completed the fellowship program in 2010 and was extremely happy with it. The course was concise and practical. The director- Dr Al-faraje is a sea of knowledge and a very good instructor. I still hit him up with emails all the time when I have questions. I highly recomend the course." 

Richard Brown, DDS

Palm Springs, CA

"Dr. Louie Al Faraje and the team at California Implant Institute are great! They are committed to helping us learn to place implants without any shortcuts, but also with a great knack of making us believe we can do it! It finally got me over all of the training I have had to actually doing and feeling confident about which cases I am ready for now, and which I may do in the future. I recommend the fellowship program and the live patients program at the Institute for anyone serious about implementing implant placement into their practice! You can do it!"

Michael R. Sanders, DDS

Eagle River, AK

"The Maxi Program exceeded all expectations. It is a great “All-in-One” comprehensive course in extremely organized manner." 

Ayesha Downs, DDS

Shakopee, MN

"I wanted to share with you how glad I am that I took this course. I did not know what to expect when I signed up for it and I have in the past done a lot of CE and have come across many speakers that intimidate you and you walk out feeling worse than when you walked in.
 But you on the contrary have been so kind and non-intimidating, you have shared with us your ups and downs, your highs and lows and that makes us feel that this is a real person who has learnt from his mistakes and is open to share them with us for us to be able to avoid the same. You have always spoken to us in the level that makes us common people feel it is POSSIBLE.  Looking forward to doing your other programs"

Samer Dirani, DDS

Novi, MI

"I just want to thank you for a fantastic course in Mexico. The amount of knowledge that I learned is huge. I placed an implant yesterday with a great confidence and success. Again, I am very happy that I attended this course and want to thank you for your gift of teaching"


  • "Dr. Faraje's mini residency exceeded my expectations. I have learned and incorporated in my practice much more than I expected. Dr. Louie tells you the meat of implants without the nonsense"

    Dr. Stephen Saunders Waupaca, WI

  • Your course is very good due to your focus on specific techniques and procedures from the start. Again, thanks a lot for everything, your course has seriously changed my life. I am now excited about dentistry again.
    Robert Taylor, Seattle, WA

  • The entire lecture was gretoptopat. /images/Dr%20Asmath style=133itempJohn Cucuras, DDSem/p%20Noor1.jpg border=/p/h1 div class= Very down to earth way of delivery information to make us feel comfortable to do the procedures
    Dr. Amber Moore Macias Ramona, CA

    emfont-family: 'Verdana', 'Arial', 'Helvetica', sans-serif;td valign=
  • Great program. To the point, honest and straight answers. Best course I ever attended.
    Dr. Amir Hagshena Los Gatos, CA

  • I just did implants for #12, 13 and 14 within the last 2 days and had a great time doing them. Honestly after taking your classes, I was really comfortable and managed to do the implants really well. I really would like to thank you for the great classes you had presented to me in the past. Your general principles were always there to guide me to work on different cases. Thank you for teaching me.
    Manuel Tjoa. DDS Reno, NV

  • It truly was a pleasure attending your course, I enjoyed your lecture and the location of the hotel was excellent. I look forward to my next upcoming sessions Thank you so much again
    Bernard Pak DDS Kirkland, WA

  • Thank you Dr. Faraje for the comprehensive and down to earth stimulating learning experience in implant restorative techniques. I gained new interest in this advanc style=/p metap style=border: 0;br /ed and exciting field of dentistry and intend to get more training with your institute in the future.
    Michael M. Galic, D.D.S. Oakpark, IL

  • This course gave me more detailed information on implant biomechanics and implant prosthodontics which will be very helpful to me in implementing implant dentistry into my practice comfortably. I feel a lot more confident about implant prosthodontics. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
    Timar Alem DDS Edwards, WA

  • Enjoyed your first seminar last month, and looking forward to the next session. I‘ve taken numerous implant courses over the years (to include Gordon Christiansen in Provo) and yours has been the most practical and best yet. It seems like everyone and their brother is giving courses these days, but what sets your class apart is that you teach well, are obviously well informed, and are enthusiastic about your subject material.
    Frank E. Hull, DDS Santa Barbara, CA

  • The course was excellent and your enthusiasm made everything work. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.
    Jerry Brown, DDS Concord, CA

  • I have taken 3 implant courses this year, and this by far the most practical.
    Lynn Mullis DDS. Cochran, GA
  • As a general dentist it felt more comfortable learning from a good general dentist rather than an oral surgeon, Dr.Faraje was great, sincere, friendly & knowledgeable
     Ronald Lessem DDS.San Diego, CA

    I enjoyed the fact that there was a variety of information including bone grafts,implant surgery & implant prosthetics.
    Kathleen Wells DDS. Almint, MI

  • Great program! small class size really helps.
    Manuel Chavez DDS.Denver, CO
  • Dr.Faraje's sure,precise and swift techniques in advanced bone augmentation has given me the confidence to go out there
    and DO IT!.
    Dr.Lourens Bester Dental Surgeon Liverpool Uinted Kingdom