About Us


We have a state-of-the-art dental implant training institute located in the heart of San Diego, California that provides a rich and productive environment for advancing the use of prosthetic and esthetic dentistry. The interior design of the center is both welcoming and professional to enhance the educational experience. Each participant's desk allows for plenty of space for both the didactic and simulated clinical aspects of the dental implant courses.

The institute uses a variety of highly technical teaching modalities that range from the use of computer animations to live video demonstrations. The programs include the use of video cameras that feed LIVE images from a variety of inputs simultaneously for the benefit of our participants. The institute's office and on-location laboratory interface with the training conference room to allow for questions and answers during the LIVE over-the-shoulder procedures and demonstrations. The video feeds include various camera angles that capture close-up details across a broad spectrum of surgical and dental procedures.

Join us for a life changing educational experience